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Demak S.r.l.
Strada del Cascinotto, 163
10156 Torino - Italy
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Demak America Inc.
140 Commerce Way - Unit E
Totowa, NJ 07512 - USA
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Throughout the last two decades, resin dispensing systems have become an important element in the industrial production cycle. Today many objects are assembled with adhesives which sometimes become a structural part of the finished product; resins with considerable dielectric properties completely insulate electric components, and rubbers distributed as liquids create perfect seals.

Demak® was founded in Turin, the capital of the Italian automotive industry and has developed within a context satellite of this big enterprise: nevertheless, from the very beginning, Demak® has looked outwards for new markets in various fields all over Italy thus diversifying and improving its production range. It was the beginning of a constant growth that has lead Demak® to supply their know-how to various markets such as the household appliances, electronic, electro-technical and automotive fields.

At the end of the eighties Demak® entered the international market and soon after we were exporting our equipment to the five continents.
Some years ago, thanks to the success obtained worldwide, and to better comply with the continuous requests of the American market, Demak America Inc. was founded in New Jersey and has been fully operative since 2001 providing operational services as well as spare parts supply, commercial assistance and technical support.

Nowadays the company is managed by a young and innovative group capable of meeting the needs of constantly changing markets, and thanks to continuous research and development of numerous patents, Demak® has reached the position of technological world leader in this field.